Sharps waste recycling, and indeed recycling of materials including ATT-processed plastics, latex and metals from non-sharps waste must be an environmentally sound option when compared with incineration alone. It is […]

Mortuaries and undertakers produce large volumes of clinical wastes. Much of this is liquid waste that would have previously been discharged to foul sewer, but with concerns about discharge of […]

The management of clinical wastes in Malta has a long and troubled history. An old and heavily polluting hospital incinerator was used far past its use-by date, in direct contravention of EU […]

The Center of Waste Management, Abu Dhabi, has announced the official opening of four facilities in Al Ain, including: Clinical Waste Incinerator Fallen Stock Incinerator Sanitary Landfill Crushing Plant Facility Last […]

GP magazine has used FOI requests to confirm that of two thirds of Primary Care Trusts, 31% were paying for patients to use the highly-diluted homeopathic remedies despite evidence that these have no […]

While the environmental pressure group Health Care Without Harm is supporting a group of US nurses to improve source segregation to minimise ‘red bag’ or clinical waste volumes, some tough […]