Screaming inevitably the piles of legs, arms and whatever, the newspapers report two burglars arrested after breaking into the HES site at Longbenton, North Tyneside. Adding to the shock horror […]

The Drug Disposal System-Pill Crusher is a specially designed device to feed pills (medications) into, and they are crushed automatically. It is operated by a sensor and a permanent lock […]

Though the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum and Blenkharn Environmental have long-supported postal delivery of small volumes of sharps waste from home users, diabetics and others, to ease the process of […]

Though it would be unthinkable to wish a sharps or needlestick injury on anyone, there is just a hint of poetic justice in the report from the Exeter Express and […]

New designs for hospital waste bins

At best, hospitals are rather soulless places. With stark design, neutral – or is that bland? – colour schemes, and limited furnishings further justified now to aid infection prevention, even […]

Going to Dundee? Then do be careful are watch where you tread. Newspaper reports raising concern after 180 discarded needles found in Dundee paint a gloomy picture of what is, […]

We at the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum and at Blenkharn Environmental have always promoted the use of cable ties to fasten clinical and other healthcare waste sacks. Toothed or serrated […]