US elementary school student pricks 14 others with needle

A San Francisco Bay Area school district advised the families of 14 elementary school students to take their children to doctors after another student pricked them with a needle, a school district official said Thursday.

The student at Cabrillo Elementary School discovered a needle, the type used by diabetics to test their blood, on May 26 in front of the school, brought it onto campus and pricked other students, creating a “potential health risk,” Fremont Unified School District spokesman Brian Killgore said.

“We understand this incident has caused stress and anxiety for the families involved and we will continue to support them however we can,” Killgore said in a statement.

School officials disciplined the student who found the needle, though Killgore said he could not comment on the specific discipline that was handed down.

What is it about kids attracted to and playing with needles?

But this is America, so I suppose that a school ‘incident’ of this kind might have been instead yet another gun outrage that seems to be so terribly common there.

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