Clinical waste bins left outside Crosshouse Hospital

After HES Ltd, it seems that the Press are working hard to keep everyone on their toes. Finding wastes stored inappropriately at this Scottish hospital is causing red faces and, so it might be assumed, some rather tongue-in-cheek assurances.

The pictures, taken at Crosshouse and Ayr hospitals, come after the sudden closure of Healthcare Environmental Services (HES).

NHS Ayrshire and Arran’s John Wright told reporters that clinical waste is being disposed of and stored appropriately – and says environmental watchdogs SEPA has inspected sites and has no concerns.

The local MSP said there was no risk to public health or safety. “I have been given every assurance by NHS Ayrshire and Arran, and the cabinet secretary for health, that clinical waste is being stored in secure compounds and disposed of appropriately by trained staff.”

“There is no risk to public health or safety and the situation is being monitored closely by SEPA, who found no cause for concern.”

The South Scotland MSP said: “The collapse of Healthcare Environment Scotland has understandably presented some serious challenges for NHS boards in dealing with clinical waste.

“However, there are temporary procedures in place to deal with the situation until a new contractor is in place.

So what do you think? Is this safe storage, or is it compliant? Or, is it just typical of the was clinical and related wastes are being stored in hospital grounds and always have been?


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