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A Swansea University researcher team are investigating the possibility of using sunlight to convert hazardous medical waste into clean hydrogen fuel, developing a novel process called photoreforming which uses sunlight to simultaneously kill […]

Two human legs that were removed during a surgery have been found in a waste dump near Newcastle in New South Wales, police have confirmed. A man working at a […]

Most clinical waste will be placed into an orange sack, with some in yellow or perhaps a Tiger bag. But surely not black? Well, no, except in Arun District where […]

A couple of years ago, an increasing number of community nurses got a bee in their collective bonnet about the carriage of clinical wastes in their NHS-funded cars. The issue […]

Alongside the revelation of radioactive wastes of hospital origin having been deposited in N Ireland landfill, and the many incidents and irregularities in clinical waste disposal South of the border, […]

Saskatoon green initiative fades

Green initiatives in hospital practice can make valuable contributions, to the environment and to environmental protection, and to cost containment. But it can also increase costs and we, as a […]