tissue waste

Regulated disposal of tissue waste has always been problematic. Simply putting them, suitably bagged or binned as appropriate into a licensed clinical waste incinerator is straightforward though often rather disruptive […]

A council has plans to allow people to dispose of loved ones’ bodies through water cremation, a new and environmentally friendly way to get rid of human remains. The process […]

Another foot in the park

Avon and Somerset Police are appealing for information after another human foot, the third in weeks, has been found in a park in Bath. Assumed to be not suspicious, in […]

Two human legs that were removed during a surgery have been found in a waste dump near Newcastle in New South Wales, police have confirmed. A man working at a […]

Tissue waste disposal will generally necessitate high temperature incineration, or perhaps Resomation. Highly regulated more for aesthetic reasons than for concerns regarding infection – though even the most amorphous blob of […]

A new compact energy solution has been launched that will enable hospitals to turn contaminated syringes and other medical devices into heat. DPS Global has unveiled its ST Series, which […]

An astonishingly gruesome crime has been reported concerning the illegal disposal of hospital and clinical wastes from Ukrainian hospitals. A Ukrainian gang that took clinical (medical) waste that included body […]