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The Clinical Waste Discussion Forum offers a focal point to disseminate information about all aspects of clinical waste management, a soapbox to share views and opinion, and a place to exchange practical knowledge and promote best practice.  Post news items, discuss policy, ask a question of others, or offer an answer based upon your own knowledge and experience.

The Forum is free, independent, non-commercial and non-political. It is provided together with The Lighter Side as part of a free service by Blenkharn EnvironmentalIt is open to anyone interested in, involved with or affected by the management of clinical waste and other healthcare wastes, from generation to end-disposal. We hope to provide an interface between producers of clinical wastes, individuals, nursing and other special interest groups, other healthcare staff, equipment manufacturers, waste management companies, representatives of government and government agencies, and all others with an interest in these areas.

Clinical Waste Discussion Forum

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