Two human legs that were removed during a surgery have been found in a waste dump near Newcastle in New South Wales, police have confirmed. A man working at a […]

Alongside the revelation of radioactive wastes of hospital origin having been deposited in N Ireland landfill, and the many incidents and irregularities in clinical waste disposal South of the border, […]

Sixty-nine thousand tonnes of medical waste were collected in Turkey in 2012, according to Waste Statistics Of Health Institutions of the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat). In the report, posted on […]

Landfill sites of all kinds had been alleged to be linked to a diversity of health hazards and nuisance and operators often face an on-going battle with nearby residents, pressure groups and others […]

“Where did the ankles in the landfill come from?” This unusual title is taken from Beaumont Enterprise, who ask this in connection with the discovery of several body parts found at […]

We assume, despite regulatory insistence on depositing much sanitary and offensive waste needlessly in landfill, that higher grade clinical wastes and tissue wastes in particular will be treated more effectively, probably by high […]

The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) has finalized an agreement with Stanford University Medical Center to begin a six-month pilot study to develop a better understanding of plastic waste characterization within healthcare facilities. […]

The recovery of identifiable clinical waste items including catheters and cannulae, medical device wrappers and fluid-filled tubing, syringes and needles when exhuming wastes from landfill sites is surprisingly common. From […]

The beleaguered NHS wastes money with a passion but is nonetheless underfunded and chronically short of resources. Healthcare waste management reflects this, with much waste of material and cash resources […]