Tissue wastes in landfill?

We assume, despite regulatory insistence on depositing much sanitary and offensive waste needlessly in landfill, that higher grade clinical wastes and tissue wastes in particular will be treated more effectively, probably by high temperature incineration.

In Port Arthur, Texas, matters are not quite as they should be. Police say various human body parts that were illegally dumped in a Southeast Texas landfill are believed to be from legitimate medical practices such as amputations.

The Beaumont Enterprise reports ( http://bit.ly/OwbV6i) that about 15 body parts were found by workers in the Port Arthur city landfill on Friday. The parts were found by landfill workers who called police to report it. The parts appear to be “lower extremities”. They had been inside of a bag that had been ripped open, which is making it difficult to locate exactly which medical or waste removal company dumped the bag.

Read more: http://www.beaumontenterprise.com/news/article/Feet-legs-found-at-Port-Arthur-landfill-3902271.php#ixzz282EHDrHN






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