Treating microbiological laboratory waste on the site where it is produced: RPS 233 Microbiological laboratories produce microbiology cultures and other microbiologically contaminated wastes. They are autoclaved on site to sterilise […]

Sterilis device in use

The photocopier-size device can sterilize and grind up medical (clinical) waste including syringes and sharps containers to produce nontoxic garbage that ‘doesn’t require incineration’ or ‘other special treatment’. Innovator Jeff […]

An excellent piece by Mario Finkiel and Maimon Asaraf, on the difficulties of installing, validating and operating a general and clinical waste autoclave high in the Andes mountains where the much […]

Surprisingly, few clinical waste treatment facilities maintain radiation monitors and alarm systems. Limited largely to incinerator feed systems – who wants a cloud of radioactive particles released to atmosphere? – […]

Solar autoclave development

The effective treatment of biohazardous clinical wastes in resource-poor regions is a huge problem. Open burning in a pit is environmentally unsound and polluting and will not make safe all […]

What does waste look like? Not a silly question, since waste takes all forms and descriptions are many and varied, with different individuals seeing waste in entirely different ways, as […]

Jamaica’s capability to dispose of clinical (medical) waste has been significantly boosted, with the official opening of the National Medical Waste Management Plant on November 29. The facility in downtown […]

Xylene is a widely used chemical found in many laboratories including hospital labs. Though generally used in only small volume it can find its way into the clinical waste stream and […]