First clinical waste treatment facility for Tibet

The first clinical waste centralized disposal centre in Tibet has recently been completed and put into trial operation in Lhoka Prefecture, ending the history of no clinical waste centralized disposal facilities at all in Tibet.

Situated in the Lu Qiong industrial park of Tsetang Township, the clinical waste centralized disposal centre is a comprehensive environment protection infrastructure project which collects, transports and disposes clinical wastes together. It is expected to process three tons of clinical wastes per day.

At present, the centralized disposal centre is equipped with four vehicles for collecting clinical wastes, all of which will collect  wastes from the local 12 counties according to the fixed route. Wastes will then be processed by autoclave before landfill disposal of solid residues.

This is a great step forward for a resource poor country. Though having a small and scattered population, Tibet if growing and the population increases are becoming urbanised. This increases demands for healthcare and thus the output of clinical wastes.

There may be limited evidence of pollution affecting the population resulting from landfill disposal of untreated wastes but the environmental impact is without doubt great. One might also consider the importance of putting used items beyond further use, to add to the considerable public health impact of improved waste management.

Great news for Tibet.




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