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Striking workers trash Johannesburg Hospital The disruptive actions of striking workers at the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Hospital are unacceptable and need to be dealt with decisively, the Democratic Alliance said on Sunday […]

Clinical Waste Service Driver -3. 5ton / 7. 5ton & Class 2 – Cannock The company specialize in the management of washroom, clinical and medical waste disposal and supply of […]

Clinical Waste Discussion Forum now back in action After a couple of weeks of intermittent connectivity followed by a disastrous 10-week outage we are happy to say ‘Hello, We’re Back!’ The […]

HONcode approval reaffirmed

For the 11th successive year, the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum and Blenkharn Environmental have received reaffirmation of its HONcode compliance. HONcode compliance requires a commitment to: Authority Complementarity Privacy Policy […]

These days, it seems there are so many criticisms raised against the NHS that it is to be found perpetually on the wall of shame. And so too due to […]

Magnetic needle retrieval

I have received several email requests for information about the magnetic needle retriever about which we have spoken several times on the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum. I have two of […]

Regular visitors will have noticed that we have been rather quiet of late. Problems with the site arose after an automatic WordPress update that created a conflict with our chosen […]

All things shall pass!

Good news for Yuanzai the Taiwan zoo panda. The hypodermic needle she, or is it he,  swallowed was excreted 24 hours later while defecating. Everybody was relieved to see Yuanzai […]

Some bins just never get emptied!

This might raise a smile – Belfast waste bin that has not been emptied in three years!           Last updated: Thursday, October 11, […]

Just published: Healthcare Wastes Blenkharn JI In, Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences. Elsevier Inc, 2015. 25pp Available only from Elsevier Last updated: Monday, July 8, 2019