Celebrating Christmas with drugs bottles, needles and syringes

Christmas tree 1How will you celebrate Christmas?  Some cheery decorations?  A tree, perhaps decorated with tinsel and baubles?

But today in Mayfair, it’s all slightly different.

Damien Hirst can hardly still be considered an enfant terrible, but the sheep-pickling artist has lost none of his flair for controversy. Now, his Christmas tree decorated with syringes for one of Mayfair’s top hotels could soon be torn down after it was erected next to a church without permission.

Neighbours have branded the 30ft tree, which is also adorned with scissors and medicine bottles, ‘insensitive’ due to its proximity to the Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception and a shelter for homeless people, some of whom are thought to have drug problems.

Remarkably, The tree was commissioned by the five-star Connaught Hotel, and installed on the street outside in the middle of the night before Westminster City Council granted permission.

This all brings a new twist to that perennial problem, of needles falling from the Christmas Tree.

Have a Happy and Safe Christmas.



Christmas tree 2


















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