Magnetic needle retrieval

I have received several email requests for information about the magnetic needle retriever about which we have spoken several times on the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum.

I have two of these. One is a fixed length flexible device tipped with a 1/4″ Telescopic magnetic roddiameter magnet. The other is a rigid telescopic device with a slightly larger magnet, about 1/2″ diameter. To be honest I cannot remember when or where I got either of these but it must have been a local DIY store.

It was quite a surprise to be sent to Tesco this morning, to get some shopping. Once I got over that shock, the next was to see their Telescopic Magnetic Rod on the shelves, for the princely sum of just £1.00.

The magnet is a little smaller, perhaps just a shade under 1/4″, but it should be fine. Go and get one; get lots and make sure your staff carry one with them, not forgetting that this does not remove the need for a good pair of sharps protection gloves.

If this prevents a sharps injury, it will be the best £1.00 you have ever spent!


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