We’re back!

Clinical Waste Discussion Forum now back in action

After a couple of weeks of intermittent connectivity followed by a disastrous 10-week outage we are happy to say ‘Hello, We’re Back!’

The problem was caused by, allegedly, a server component failure at out then host Pixel by Pixel.

Regrettably, through their complete failure to address the problem in any reasonable timescale, and probably a good deal of incompetence, they failed to get us up and running and as time went on seemed to do everything possible to avoid addressing the issue. Finally, we were forced to move to another web hosting provider, though should probably have done that much earlier.

So, here we are again. Thanks to Guru Cloud Hosting, they had us back in action in hours, for which we are extremely grateful.

We have lots to say and much information to post on the Forum, though it will take us a little time to catch up. Sadly, the last few posts which appeared just before Pixel made such a mess of things have been lost forever, but for more than 99% of our content has been recovered.

Another consequence of the problems caused by Pixel was loss of email services, for the Forum and more generally for Blenkharn Environmental. Thankfully that too is now up and running though overall, we estimate more than 2,500 emails were not delivered and are lost forever.




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