Infant’s needlestick after teen left needle in shop

A 14-year-old boy has been charged after two children were pricked by a used syringe in the delicatessen section of a supermarket.

Two children, including an infant boy, were pricked by the hidden syringe needle in separate incidents at Broadmeadows  in Melbourne’s north about 1.30pm on Monday.

The infant boy will need to undergo six months of extensive testing to ensure he did not contract any disease.

Authorities were alerted to the ‘malicious’ needle when the second child’s horrified mother discovered it under a rail in the supermarket, and called the police.

Detectives arrested the 14-year-old Coburg boy in Warburton, 72km east of Melbourne, on Thursday night.

The teenager was charged with two counts of recklessly cause injury.

He was granted bail to appear at children’s court on September 20.

Police could not release the ages of the children who were pricked by the hidden needle.



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