Winchfield pet crematorium celebrates 25 years

A pet crematorium in Winchfield is celebrating 25 years of helping grieving animal lovers – despite vets saying the idea would never catch on.

In 1992, Barry Spurgeon and his wife Carole made a life changing decision to follow their gut feeling and start Dignity Pet Crematorium.

“They did so after watching a documentary that showed how, following their death, family pets were bagged and frozen for up to a week at veterinary practices before being piled into vans like rubbish alongside clinical waste,” said their son Kevin, who is now a partner in the business.

“Both my parents had grown up alongside family pets and were very much animal lovers.

“They felt there would be other people like them who would want a more respectful send-off than the simple weekly man in a van service and so decided to start Dignity in the grounds of our family home in Winchfield.”

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