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Expert Witness

Ian receives many instructions for similar investigations and reports of cases involving medical malpractice, the development of healthcare-associated infection, food safety, community, domestic and occupational hygiene and biosafety including sharps injury.

He has more than 35 years experience in the preparation of Expert Witness reports and briefings, including work in the County, Crown and High Court, and in the Coroner’s Court, and in courts outside the UK.

Instructions are commensurate with my experience and knowledge and relate to matters of microbiology, in particular:

  • infection prevention and controlCUBS

  • sepsis, including in particular post-surgical and device-related sepsis

  • healthcare-associated infections

  • laboratory diagnosis

  • antibiotics and chemotherapy

  • sharps injury

  • clinical and other biohazardous waste management

  • related environmental and occupational microbiology

  • biosafety



Ian has experience in both medical negligence/malpractice cases and in more complex and extensive commercial (occupational) cases, and in criminal cases. He additionally has experience in Planning and Licensing (Waste Permitting) applications and appeals, and in Public Inquiry.

Supporting these activities, Ian has much expertise in the preparation of press reports and briefings, and in presentations to public and lay pressure groups.

Ian continues to act in a range of civil and criminal cases. He has much experience of Court and Public Inquiry, planning applications and appeals, permitting and licensing etc, including experience in Meetings of Experts.

He received formal training as part of the Imperial College Professional Development Programme before the Recorder of London on its Acting as an Expert Witness course.

He holds the Bond Solon/Cardiff University Law School Expert Witness Certificate (civil law). Additionally, he attended in June 2013 the Bond Solon ‘Hot Tubbing’ (Concurrent Expert Evidence) training day.

He is registered with the following Expert Witness and Consultants organisations:

    • UK Register of Expert Witnesses

    • X-Pro Experts

    • Premex+

    • Mobile Doctors

    • Gerson Lehrman Group


Ian maintains an extensive CPD program. He is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

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A comprehensive range of specialist consultancy services is available.

For clinical waste management companies and other commercial organisations, this includes a comprehensive one-stop shop for performance evaluation, compliance and effluent monitoring, and biosafety training and assessment.

Services available include:

  • Consultancy

  • Clinical waste management & control; compliance monitoringblenkharn env cert

  • Occupational hygiene

  • SHEQ; hygiene & PPE assessments

  • Teaching, training and assessment

  • Audit & appraisal

  • Hygiene & safety assessments

  • Safety & compliance evaluation

  • Best practice guidelines – specialist advice to Local Authorities, and to healthcare and waste management sectors

  • Bio-safety, training and evaluation

  • Quality management

  • Hand hygiene training

  • Waste audit (detail)

  • Sharps safety (detail)

  • Hygiene and biohazard precautions (detail)

  • Safety evaluation; risk assessment; training;  instruction manuals; SOPs

  • Hospital, community and environmental infection prevention & control

  • Hospital hygiene

  • Specialised training programmes for Local Authorities

    – planning and delivering safe and effective waste management services|

    – basic biosafety & hygiene for waste handlers and supervisors

  • Expert witness & litigation including personal injury and medical negligence

  • Briefings; planning; licensing; registration; appeals

  • Technology assessment; process control; product design & evaluation

  • Technical writing


Additional analytical services not listed above can be performed as required. Call for details

All services are individually tailored to client needs, as befits this high quality fully research-driven and science-led consultancy. Agreed delivery and completion dates.

Please call or email for further details or to discuss your requirements