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j0234764Everyone is welcome to view, to download from, or to contribute to the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum.

We welcome your visit, and especially welcome your input.

Our rules require no overt advertising, actually no advertising at all but we would rarely think twice about posts of comments from those who have a useful product to mention. Other than that, it is only the spammers who are unwelcome.

Every day, we are under attack from spammers, as is just about every other website. Because we invite contributions, this means that we have to be careful with enrolment. So, when registering, your IP address is checked automatically against a blacklist of known bogus sources or spam originators. Sometimes, that might lock out the genuine user, but almost certainly because the web host you are using has itself been hacked and is now blacklisted.

Other problems are largely sifted out by the automatic challenge during registration, that is intended to sift the real from the bogus. Still, a few get through each day, so we are left with a little sleuthing and a lot of guesswork to separate good from bad. Its a rather blunt instrument, but it does work well most of the time.

Just occasionally, we might get it wrong. We do not apologise for that since allowing even one bogus registration can cause huge problems for us hours, days or even months later.

However, we do appreciate your registration. That allows you to post your own messages and make comments on existing posts. If you tried to register on the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum but have been blocked, do try again. If still unsuccessful – you will be told immediately – do email us at, and we will make it work for you.



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