Dogs eat a human leg dug up from tomb

leg from graveA family were left horrified after going to visit the grave of a loved one in an Argentinian cemetery only to find dogs digging up human bones from tombs.

The macabre discovery was made in the city of Santiago del Estero in the north of the country after various residents complained about the state of the graveyard.

One man, Gustavo Juarez, had gone to the cemetery along with his family to visit the graves of other relatives buried there. We were stunned with what we saw.

‘The bins were on the floor and parts of some of the coffins were littered around the cemetery. To be honest it was a horrible sight to see.’

Mr Juarez went on to described on how they reached the end of the graveyard, they saw two dogs chewing on human remains, describing it as the ‘worst thing’.

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