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Waste management giant SRCL has placed on its web pages several useful poster resources, to highlight various Do’s and Don’ts in waste disposal, as well as practical guides to waste segregation.

Intended no doubt for their customers, SRCL has been kind enough to place samples onto an accessible web page at

These will be invaluable resources to assist in training of staff and marking of waste containers, to facilitate effective source segregation.

Thank you SRCL.



Note:  Many other waste management companies provide at no charge downloadable or other resources that are invaluable to support staff training and improve standards in waste container selection and handling, source segregation, container marking and sack closures, and safe handling etc.

If you have there resources available, whether in the commercial sector or have produced something in-house, that you are happy to share, please post on the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum or get in touch via

Remembering that the Forum is non-commercial and does not take paid advertising, we don’t want an overtly ‘commercial’ posting.  However, we will happily post a link to the relevant section of your own web site or host for you available downloads, which may of course have a logo and company name and will be fully credited and linked back to your own site.




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