Drug Disposal System-Pill Crusher

The Drug Disposal System-Pill Crusher is a specially designed device to feed pills (medications) into, and they are crushed automatically.

It is operated by a sensor and a permanent lock to seal in the powdered waste. It is designed to provide consumers and medical professionals a safer, simpler and more effective means of disposing of old, expired, unused left over medications including the narcotics.

The system will be both battery and electrically powered, motorized, stainless steel featuring an attractive sleek rectangular shape with different shapes, sizes and capacities. The internal motor is located on one side of the device. The access port to feed the pills into is located on top of the device, and will have a special sensor that will sense the pills and automatically engage the rolling pill crushing bars that are located directly beneath the pill access port. There will be an external level indicator to reveal the level of the crushed pills and will indicate when the unit is full.

The Drug Disposal System-Pill Crusher will have a permanent lock system that will feature a safety mechanism such as a plastic piece to be broken before the lock can be permanently engaged, so that it isn’t mistakenly closed. This device will provide consumers with an effective, safe and user friendly means to achieve pill disposal with one convenient appliance. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Drug Disposal System-Pill Crusher.

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This is a worthy attempt to put unwanted medications safely out of use. However, some problems are obvious. Liquid pharmaceutical residues may be problematic. The cost is high and in disposal by incineration there is now added steel to be recovered from bottom ash.

Nor does the device make the contained drugs unrecoverable except buy containment in a secure steel container. Presumably, this can be forced and those keen enough to do so will not bother themselves with the mix of crushed tablets, as long as they get high.

We applaud any attempt to make medicines disposal safer. However, the simplicity of the widely used [in the UK] DOOM kits comprising a simple plastic container, granules of wallpaper paste and Bitrex® seems to be far better, in use and in subsequent destruction.

Nothing however is perfect, and several times I have observed part-filled DOOM kits with a plentiful addition of narcotic pain killer capsules all rattling around  in a dry state and thus easy to recover. Of course, this requires addition of tap water, or sufficient liquid drug additions, to hydrate the paste flakes and dissolve and disrupt tablets and capsules. As this may take some time, they should be kept secure at all times.

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