Syringes litter Hong Kong beaches

Syringes are littering Hong Kong beaches. Thankfully, some good people are trying to gather and remove these, and putting pressure on the authorities to reduce or even eliminate this pollution.

Regrettably however, piles of medical waste have continued to wash ashore at a beach on Lantau Island despite a government pledge to ensure Hong Kong coastlines are kept free from rubbish floating over from mainland China.

Environmental protection groups have urged the government to investigate the source and nature of medical waste washed that has ashore at a beach on Lantau Island.

Between July and November this year, 303 syringes without needles, 96 syringes with needles, more than 200 drug vials, a collection tube with purple blood – suspected to be human – plastic medicine bottles and packets were found at Sam Pak Wan, a beach near Discovery Bay.


“If a child steps on the syringe with bare feet, not only could they get a needle stick injury, but there also is potential for an infectious disease as well,” said Tracey Read, chief executive of Plastic Free Seas.

“So we want to prevent this from happening, we need the government to take action on this.”

Great work. Good luck to one and all.

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