Cremation – just another tissue incinerator?

When human or animal tissues are processed through a high temperature clinical waste incinerator we have no graet concern about options for heat and energy recovery. When those tissues are a whole body something strange is creating a conceptual – or is it emotional – barrier to energy recovery.

Little more than a week ago, we reported protests against use of heat from a Local Authority cremator to heat the next door swimming baths.

Now, Cardiff council is looking to use heat from cremations at Thornhill Crematorium to heat the associated chapel building. Though backed, so says the council, by many bereaved families the proposal is described as “ghoulish” by BBC journalists who no doubt have an eye on a better story of shock and horror! However, they do report that the idea has been criticised as “disrespectful” to families who have lost loved ones.

A similar proposal is being considered in Worcestershire.

Cardiff have put out questionnaires over the last 2 years, to test the response to this proposal. The response rate was very small, but the great majority of respondents were in favour. However, the vociferous minority are now up in arms – I wonder if that has any connection to do with a reported hunting for a story?

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