Crematorium supports environment

Many of us, one day, will make our way to the crematorium and not return, but on that final journey will we also be making a contribution to lowering the Local Authority’s carbon footprint and protecting the environment?

Redditch Borough Council believes it would be an environmentally good use of energy, and could save £14,000 a year, to heat their Abbey Stadium swimming pool with heat generated by their adjacent crematorium.

Apparently, this has sparked outrage among residents, though I doubt the those being cremated will complain at all. It seems a great idea. Cost saving. Environmentally sound. What more could you ask for. And it have more value that a wreath of flowers!

Contributions to energy saving in the clinical waste sector – not actually far removed from the business of cremation but traditionally separate – are few and far between.  Fee autoclaves capture energy on discharge, and to my knowledge no dedicated clinical waste incinerators. That will have to change.

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