Anti-abortionists campaign against clinical waste incinerator

The US anti-abortionist lobby has proved itself to be vociferous, persistent and at times violent and murderous.

Without getting into the issues that surround the anti-abortion lobby that has no place in the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum, it is noteworthy that an anti-abortion group has begun a campaign against Stericycle and its plan for medical waste incineration plant in Haw River, North Carolina.

The apllication has, predictably, drawn attention from local and regional activists who are concerned about the facility’s impact on the environment.

But the Illinois-based corporation now faces criticism from Repent America, which last week announced a Campaign to Stop Stericycle. The effort has a web site at

For the avoidance of any doubt, the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum has no view on the Stericycle proposal. We totally and categorically reject the underow of violence and suggestions of direct or indirect action against the applicant alluded to on the stopstericycle web pages. That web site is referenced here only for the purpose of  reporting and not as an indication of support for either party.

In a written statement sent to media, Repent America objects to Stericycle for its “collection, transportation and incineration of aborted children and the instruments used to kill them.”

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