8 months for pet crematorium scam

“A woman who ran a pet crematorium in Derbyshire has been jailed for eight months for dumping the bodies of her customers’ pets in a field.

“Emma Bent, 35, of Heage, was described by Judge David Pugsley at Derby Crown Court as “cynical, callous and calculating”.


Some of the pets had been microchipped, which helped RSPCA inspectors identify the remains. [We have discussed the development of RFID tracking of waste bins previously but have never thought of that one before, Moderator]

Bent, who ran Peak Pet Cremations in Heage, initially blamed burglars, but later pleaded guilty to 13 charges brought by Derbyshire County Council under the Animal By-Product Regulations 2005, as well as charges brought by Derbyshire Police and six additional charges under the Environmental Protection Act brought by the Environment Agency, the council said.

 The court was told Bent had a contract with a local veterinary group to collect and dispose of clinical waste and pet carcasses. She also offered an individual pet cremation service, but did not have the required licences.

Officers found a metal shed in a field with more than 100 bags of clinical waste such as used syringes, hypodermic needles and medicines as well as decomposing animals and body parts.


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