New Rwanda hospital has own incinerator

Rwanda speaks poverty and strife and healthcare provision in this war-torn country must be, at best, minimal.

However, there is good news for many Rwandans on the opening  or the Butaro Hospital in Burera, built in partnership with the government of Rwanda, Partners in Health, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI). The people of Burera also contributed.

Flag of RwandaThe ‘tech savvy’ hospital, equipped with outstanding modern facilities and high speed internet connectivity.  Prior to this development,  Burera had the least developed public health infrastructure in Rwanda. It was one of the last two districts in the country without a hospital; one physician served a population of over 320,000 and electricity, water and sanitation services were scarce. Health indicators in Burera were among the poorest in the nation.

The 152-bed facility, with a state of the art emergency room, two operating theatres, an intensive care unit and a full maternity and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), is the first facility of its kind in rural Rwanda. It also has a clinical, radiology, pharmacy, laboratory, dentistry, physiotherapy and HIV and Counselling department, an accident and emergency unit and operation theatre support services.

Equipment was purchased using funds from the Ministry of Health and includes a range of brand new high quality hardware including two digital X-ray systems, portable ultrasound machines, specialty surgery instrument kits, orthopedic traction beds, advanced anesthesia machines, an oxygen generating plant that pipes oxygen to the bedside, and incubators.  There are also phototherapy lights and warming tables for advanced neonatal care.

I am delighted to say that there are also basic infrastructure developments to support the smooth running of the hospital, including a high capacity, diesel-powered medical waste incinerator.

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