Mother Earth fails to protect

A facility that purports to help the environment by recycling could really be hurting it. The US Environmental Protection Agency has a ‘laundry list’ of concerns with the Mother Earth Recycling Center near Macy, Nebraska.

Piles of garbage, uncontrolled access, and open dumping are just a few of the infractions noted by the EPA. The EPA report also cites inoperable equipment, piles of waste — some as high as ten feet as observed in March 2010 — and uncontrolled burning, all taking place on the property. The agency also says it’s found medical waste, including syringes, IV bags, even tubing possibly containing blood.

Surprisingly, the news report paints a rather causal picture of officialdom. Rather than an immediate halt to operations and enforced clean-up, it reads as if the EPA are making suggestions for improvement in a somewhat casual manner. That seems unlikely, and it must cast doubt on the accuracy of the news report which may be written to portray a picture far worse than is the real situation.

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