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HTM 07-01 recommends extensive segregation of waste and in their turn the Environment Agency expects that it will happen and penalises waste management operators if it doesn’t. That regulatory stance […]

GP magazine has used FOI requests to confirm that of two thirds of Primary Care Trusts, 31% were paying for patients to use the highly-diluted homeopathic remedies despite evidence that these have no […]

The Clinical Waste Discussion Forum has discussed on many occasions the disposal of sharps using a postal return service (see Archive files). Last updated: Sunday, August 8, 2021

Discarded sharps

There are several legal and paralegal firms in the UK now getting wise to the high rate of sharps injury to healthcare professionals and others. They offer low-cost or no-win […]

We have previously reported in the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum the case of a woman charged for throwing away a used hypodermic needle at a fast-food restaurant in Wollongong, New South Wales, which […]


The Clinical Waste Discussion Forum has published previous posts – these can be found in the Forum Archives – discussing the benefits of disposal by post. Last updated: Sunday, June […]

San Francisco’s city leaders are poised to pass an ordinance requiring name-brand drug manufacturers to pay for collection and disposal of unused prescription medicines to curb prescription misuse and environmental impacts. […]

More from the Local Authorities concerning clinical waste collections in this harsh winter weather. West Lancashire Borough Council have announced that from 23 December until at least Tuesday 28 December […]

An interesting discussion of Podiatry Forum questions the responsibility for the costs of disposal of clinical waste sacks in a shared consulting room. Though that is not our concern, it […]

We have been consistently critical of the poor response by Local Authorities to managing drug litter and of clinical wastes from the community. So, for a change, some good news!  Last […]

While the NHS stands by to bear its share of funding cuts, lean purchasing will become ever more important in order to save money. Nothing will, or should be, exempt […]