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I discovered the excellent waste management pages of the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department a couple of years ago. We have mentioned them previously on the Clinical Waste discussion Forum and it is a pleasure to refer to these once more. The web pages provide a comprehensive though clear and unambiguous guide to every aspect of clinical waste management in a direct and straightforward, logical and authoritative manner, so unlike our own bloated HTM 07-01.

But from August 1 2011 the Waste Disposal (Amendment) Ordinance 2006 (Commencement)
Notice 2011 alongside the Waste Disposal Ordinance (Application of Section 16) Notice 2011 comes into force (unless subject to negative vetting in the Legislative Council) will bring into operation the new Clinical Waste Control Scheme. The Control Scheme tightens control on handling, collection, transportation and disposal of clinical waste, which is essential in safeguarding public health and minimising pollution risk. Charges will also be imposed on the disposal of clinical waste at the designated treatment facility.

It will be an offence for improper disposal of clinical waste. Offenders could face a maximum fine of

Interestingly, it is reported that in Hong Kong, the charge for disposing of one kilogramme of clinical waste at the Treatment Centre is around $2.7 (approximately £210 per tonne).

Information on the Clinical Waste Control Scheme, and so much more, is available at the EPD’s website at

I wish them well with the revision of the legislation. Given the excellent clarity of their website and the information and guidance that they provide there I have little doubt that the change will be very well-managed.


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