Plus Ca Change?

I have been writing in the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum for just a little over 5 years now, and I had a glance at a few old posts over the weekend. What was notable is that despite the pace of change, in policy and legislation, in the commercial landscape, and in the attitude of healthcare professionals, politicians and the public alike, not too much has changed.

The same errors and failings in clinical waste management, at every stage from the point of arising to final treatment, continue to be seen with depressing regularity.

Many pages of guidance, and no doubt many £££s, to produce and update HTM 07 01 but no real change on the ground, except a notional change in the colour of waste containers. Many conferences, meetings, research studies and other information exchange has had little effect of waste management standards. Safety breaches continue largely unchanged, and though proven infections are thankfully few and far between, the hazards are no better managed that the were 10 years ago.

All that waste, all that money, all that time, and all those opportunities for improvement not taken.

Plus Ca Change?

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