Painting with hospital waste

An artist in Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh, India is making a name for herself ‘painting’ with hospital waste. Using caps from various vials and bottle caps etc, to assemble collages, this is evidence that art is wholly in the eye of the beholder!


Is this really of interest to the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum? I can’t see it winning any prizes, though it stands a chance of a Turner Prize for contemporary art award given the standard of previous Turner winners. But perhaps it is something we should consider and value?

While we all try hard to reduce healthcare wastage, to reduce, reuse, recycle, art such as this just might have a value. With the individual bits and pieces being instantly recognisable to healthcare professionals, might these collages be valuable training aids and support education in waste management? Perhaps they will prove to be the key to raising awareness among healthcare workers, to consider their usage of healthcare supplies, to reduce wastage, to promote recycling and to comply with waste segregation standards?

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