Environment Agency

The papers are reporting today what the call the Eco-hypocrisy! of the Environment Agency. They run 3,356 diesel vehicles despite being tasked with fighting pollution and Environment Agency bosses have been […]

There are, no doubt, lots of different opinions regarding the current HES Ltd “scandal”. Before making your own decisions about this, read the documents presented by HES Ltd at https://www.healthcareenv.com/the-truth. […]

The Environment Agency has updated its summary spreadsheets “Waste management for England, 2015“. The data include stats for clinical/healthcare wastes as well as other waste fractions, by type, region, fate etc. […]

Not entirely a particular need for us, though the definition of clinical waste fraction is getting particularly vague and unreliable since the Local Authorities have chosen to ignore the Environment […]

CQC identify two Caterham care homes ‘requiring improvement’. Oakwood, a home in Woodview Way for seven people with learning disabilities, epilepsy or sensory impairment, was judged not up to scratch […]

WM3 arrives

WM3, the Environment Agency’s Waste Classification – Guidance on the classification and assessment of waste is upon us, handed down from on high as if on tablets of stone. WM2 had an […]

Is it possible? Can the Environment Agency really do the job with less Red Tape, or will it be an exercise in smoke and mirrors? The Government’s Red Tape Challenge […]

An interesting discussion on LinkedIn concerning allegations of time consuming ‘snooping’ by Environment Agency staff, actions that are considered to be of little apparent value and without justification. The discussion goes on to consider staffing numbers […]

Neil Spooner has been fined for allowing waste to be dumped on his farm. A court heard how hospital waste was among the items found when environmental health inspectors visited Spooner’s property near Margaretting. […]

Several national daily papers are this morning up in arms about credit card spending by government departments and public bodies. Perhaps it should be no surprise, but The Environment Agency […]