Demand to store all clinical wastes indoors?

In typical Environment Agency style, their intention is now to demand that operators store all clinical wastes indoors. Though their summary documentation released just a couple of days ago was rather quiet on this, with indecent haste they seem already to be intent on this new requirement.

It is highly questionable just what this might achieve? Will the waste stored inside be any safer that waste stored in a locked Eurocart within an approved palisade fence? Will hospitals, clinics, GP surgeries, piercers etc, and what about all of those clinical and related wastes from domiciliary care that local authorities expect to be left at the curbside to await collection?

Of course, its all a bit of a nonsense to come up with meaningless requirements such as this latest one, that has no valid scientific basis, and which will be applied without the slightest pretence at being even-handed in application.

That is, of course, quite typical of the Environment Agency.

For this who may face considerable levels of expenditure to comply with this latest nonsense it seems well worthwhile to fight hard, with recourse to law, to stop this being applied, not least that it will almost certainly be dropped into permitting conditions before the dust settles!

Operators to be ‘required’ to store clinical waste inside

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