Appropriate measures for permitted facilities that take healthcare waste

Following the June/July 2019 Environment Agency questionnaire concerning measures for permitted facilities that take healthcare waste, measures that might be, and in some cases are entirely appropriate, and several that may turn out to be a means of backdoor enforcement, the EA has finally published a response summary.

The questionnaire didn’t really set matters alight, and has what seems to be a very poor response rate:

Fifteen responses were received to the questions asked by the online consultation. However, not all responses provided an answer to all of the questions asked.

Nine responses were received from operators of healthcare waste management facilities. We also received:

  • 2 from county councils
  • 1 from an NHS Trust
  • 1 from a trade association
  • 1 from a local authority national association
  • 1 from a consultancy

Two additional responses were received from non-governmental organisations manually uploaded to the Citizen Space website.

The “analysis” of responses have now been published as Healthcare waste guidance – a summary of consultation responses. It remains to be seen how closely regulation, enforcement and oversight will reflect thee responses offered in response to this consultation, and what more is waiting in the wings to be slipped in at the last minute!

It could well be an important improvement to drive up standards of performance. Let’s hope that it will indeed turn out that way.

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  1. I am taking the liberty of sharing the best practises recommended in India. The Central Pollution Board has tried to draw up a ACT which is practical on the ground. Compliance is still an issue but it is gradually getting traction in the country. You can find the BMW ACT and its amendments over the years on this page. Also have added the process we try to follow for collection, transportation and Incineration. Hope it helps “”


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