Covid-19 coronavirus precautions?

The world is on alert because of the latest Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic that is spreading globally from its origins in Wuhan, China. The UK response has, it would appear, been in proportion to the overall risk and current status of just a handful of confirmed cases in the UK.

An early part of these precautions included a Department of Health instruction that hospitals should prepare a ‘coronavirus pod’ in which to accommodate patients presenting to A&E who can there be assessed apart from others.

Some of these coronavirus pods have been shipping containers plonked into the car park, while others have been slightly more elaborate.  Regrettably, some pods are so badly managed that those responsible must hand their heads in shame. If the coronavirus doesn’t get you, patients attending Lincoln County Hospital will have to dodge the clinical waste carts to enter their third-rate pod, or is it a tent?


The pod is located at a clinical waste collection point outside the accident and emergency department of Lincoln City Hospital.

The intrepid reporter that brought us the story in Lincolnshire Live took a look inside, finding “nothing more than a  single plastic chair, a couple of blankets and a telephone with instructions to call NHS 111, and once you fight your way past the medical waste bins and get into the tent hoping for comfort, you’ll find it has no electricity, no heating, no running water and not even a toilet.”

“The design of the pod also means that it is not accessible for wheelchairs due to needing to step over a lip in order to get in.”

Few would disagree that those responsible really should hang their heads in shame!


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