Stench of rotting medical waste including body parts ‘ruins resident’s life’

Clinical hospital waste –including body parts – has been left piled up in bags at a site for nearly a year. A woman who lives nearby claims her life has been made a misery because of the smell. So continues the tale of the HES Ltd Shotts site.

Moira Cunningham said: “My whole personality has changed because I’m anxious and depressed. I can’t eat and I look God awful.”

The Scottish Daily Record stokes thee bandwagon, reminding us that the plant closed in December and, since then, the waste, including removed organs and tumours, has been left lying.

“There’s bags of ­clinical waste, body parts and fluids on this ­abandoned site, in ­vehicles, in pallets lying out open, with birds of prey, rats and foxes in the mix.” However, a spokesman for ­liquidators BDO said SEPA and the ­Environment Agency have made regular inspections and are confident there is no public safety or contamination risk.

He added the clean up will “be conducted under the auspices of the joint ­liquidators and administrators.”

Never mind, it sells newspapers…..


Somewhat more fact based, ENDS Report lists those noted by the Environment Agency (EA) having recorded 14,109 permit breaches last year – 544 of them in just ten sites in England, according to data published on Friday.

It makes grim reading, but does beg the question of what the Environment Agency was doing – prospectively – to prevent these repeated breaches? Common sense might suggest that they were doing little or nothing, and certainly nothing to resolve the various situations save to go in to collect yet another fee.

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