Hospital Staff Accused of Selling Pop Star’s Medical Waste

Yes, though it sounds crazy, it’s true – hospital staff have been accused of selling a pop star’s Medical waste!

A hospital in the eastern Jiangsu province has suspended 11 health care workers for allegedly selling medical products used on Singaporean singer Lin Junjie, known to fans as JJ Lin, according to Chinese media reports on Monday. The 38-year-old star of Mandopop, or Mandarin-language pop music, had visited Zhenjiang First People’s Hospital the morning after his Saturday concert complaining of “physical discomfort.”

A group of star-struck Chinese nurses have been suspended after sharing footage of them taking turns to lie in a hospital bed used by a celebrity they like.

The medical workers in Zhenjiang, eastern China, also uploaded pictures of syringes and intravenous fluid bag said to be used by pop singer JJ Lin who had been admitted into the hospital due to a cold.

Reports suggested that the medics had sold a needle containing JJ’s blood to the singer’s fans. The hospital has denied the rumour.


Celebrity medical waste. Thats just Weird!!


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