Environment Agency approves Veolia’s clinical waste application

he Environment Agency has approved Veolia’s application to alter its environmental permit to allow the processing of healthcare orange bagged waste at its energy from waste plant at Tyseley, Birmingham.  

Published on 8 June,  the Agency’s decision document said it is satisfied” that Veolia meets the requirements  under the Industrial Emissions Directive, which requires  infectious clinical waste to be placed directly into the furnace, without first being mixed with other categories of waste and without direct handling. 

The waste management company had proposed that the clinical waste will be received in orange bags contained in 770 litre wheeled bins, and then be transferred into metal loading containers. A hoist system will then be used to lift the metal containers and tip the orange bags directly into the hopper. 

The decision means Veolia can now process hazardous clinical waste in their two municipal waste incineration lines at the 350,000 tonnes per annum capacity plant.  

The Environment Agency said: “We have decided to grant the variation for Tyseley Energy from Waste Plant operated by Veolia ES Birmingham Limited.  

We consider in reaching that decision we have taken into account all relevant considerations and legal requirements and that the permit will ensure that the appropriate level of environmental protection is provided. 


I am delighted that, at long long last, this development is finally moving forward. It is actually 14 years ago that I proposed, and repeatedly proposed that process. Regrettably, and to their considerable shame, one or two Environment Agency employees blocked any consideration of the proposal with, at the time, suspicion that at least one of those individuals was in the pocket of a major clinical waste company (not Veolia), and were ‘encouraged’ to resist.

So, about time too!



    1. Yes, permission is being applied, albeit cautiously, to several operators. And not before time too.


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