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The Chinese market for clinical waste management is massive but remains largely unexploited due to the problems associate with breaking into the Eastern market, of attitudes to safe disposal that […]

Mortuaries and undertakers produce large volumes of clinical wastes. Much of this is liquid waste that would have previously been discharged to foul sewer, but with concerns about discharge of […]

The Clinical Waste Discussion Forum has repeatedly commented on the risks associated with and underlying causes of a deadly trade in used items of clinical (medical) waste. Last updated: Wednesday, […]

The management of clinical wastes in Malta has a long and troubled history. An old and heavily polluting hospital incinerator was used far past its use-by date, in direct contravention of EU […]

DIY tattoo kits are advertised extensively on the internet and there is evidence that many such kits, mainly originating from China, are being supplied in the UK. Last updated: Tuesday, […]

Where have all the needles gone?

Data for Western Australia shows that, through needles and syringe programs (NSPs) around 3.5 million needles & syringes are distributed annually. Most of these are distributed to IV drug users […]

“Police suspect discarded biomedical material could be finding its way into city hospitals to be reused; say possibility of doctors being involved in racket cannot be ruled out. Last updated: […]