Industrial dispute stops waste collection

Unions representing bin collectors in Birmingham have announced two half days of strike action.

Some roads in the city have not had rubbish collected for several weeks as a result of industrial action, severe weather and the Christmas break.

Piles of uncollected bin bags have led to concerns from residents about public health. A care home in Handsworth has not had its clinical waste collected for about a month and 47 bags of human waste and soiled incontinence pads have been sitting in the street waiting to be collected.


A serious problem of course, and distressing for all of those who are affected. The residents are correct, there is a significant public health and nuisance impact from these piles of uncollected waste.

If the domestic waste is largely unsorted, that is it contains a significant putrescible fraction then assuming no direct contact the public health risks and hazard potential from sanitary/offensive wastes may not be much greater than for black bag refuse.

But the smell may be far greater, and just wait for a Norovirus or winter vomiting outbreak…….!

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