Man charged after biohazard found in trash bin

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“A 44-year-old man was accused of illegally disposing of medical waste after employees of a Cocoa business found blood and body bags in their trash bin Monday.

“The Florida Department of Environmental Protection charged Adrian F. Stone with one felony count of littering for a commercial purpose after the items were discovered in a Dumpster across the street from his rental house at 530 St. Johns St.

“There was a trail of something leading to the house across the street,” said Officer Barbara Matthews of the Cocoa Police Department. “When we were on the property, there were numerous biohazard receptacles and a wash-down area. We’re concerned that he was just rinsing down bio-waste.”

“After arriving Monday morning, employees of Paragon Plastics found their trash receptacle full of about 10 bags and a bottle of formaldehyde, an embalming agent, on top.

“There was a foul odor coming from the bags,” Matthews said. “The Dumpster was full.”


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