Deadly trade in medical waste

Police suspect discarded biomedical material could be finding its way into city hospitals to be reused; say possibility of doctors being involved in racket cannot be ruled out.

After exposing what may be a recycling racket of biomedical waste collected from city’s hospitals, police have sounded a warning that there might be danger to the lives of patients.

Police suspect that the used surgical gloves, syringes, needles, catheters and other medical paraphernalia found in a truck in Deonar on Wednesday night were illegally stocked with the intent of reselling.

They said that if the used material has indeed been circulating back to hospitals and dispensaries, it could have been used on patients.


This may or may not be proven, we must wait and see, but there should be no mistake that through a combination of poverty and shortages, greed and corruption, this ‘recycling’ of clinical wastes back into use is common in many countries.

Since there can be no pretense that this includes adequate resterilisation of products, this must have a substantial impact on public health and ultimately is claiming lives.






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