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HTM 07 01 Update published

The Department of Health has published the updated HTM 07-01: Safe Management of Healthcare Waste guidance document. This can be accessed on the ‘Space for Health’ website: Last updated: Tuesday, […]

Blenkharn Environmental has considerable experience in the audit and assessment of biosafety and hygiene precautions for waste handlers. Embracing safety enhancements for all of those involved in the generation of a diverse range […]

How to prevent sharps injury, and how to manage those which do occur are vitally important issues for those who are likely to be exposed to sharps during the course […]

The list of Blenkharn Environmental News Items that had been missing from the site has been recovered. Visitors were directed to a development site page that was no longer accessible, […]

One regular visitor has asked me about the funny jumble of words that is sometimes seen in the left hand panel when you have clicked on the title of an […]

In response to a request for clarification and assistance, we have added a Google Translation function to all web pages and to each post in the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum. Select […]

The December 2010 edition (#15) of the Forum Newsletter is now available. It has been sent by email to those who have registered for a personal copy, and is available […]


Since the beginning of November 2010, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has recorded 43 outbreaks of norovirus infection in hospitals. Of these, 39 have led to ward closures. Last updated: Thursday, […]

I have recently proposed, via the CIWM Health & Safety Special Interest Group (SIG), production of a series of leaflets to cover a range of key risks and approaches to injury […]

Clinical Waste Discussion Forum archives

The Clinical Waste Discussion Forum archives have been restored and are accessible here (in read-only format). These archive files contain much useful information, news, technical information, advice and opinion in over […]

Safe Management of Healthcare Waste:  HTM 07-01 Update Leeds 9th Dec 2010 London 15 December 2010 Last updated: Thursday, March 31, 2016

After a long and particularly tiresome spell of spam activity that affected the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum, we have tried various remedies and finally settled on a complete rewrite of […]