Waste industry operator safety

I have recently proposed, via the CIWM Health & Safety Special Interest Group (SIG), production of a series of leaflets to cover a range of key risks and approaches to injury and accident prevention for distribution to waste industry operators.

These leaflets would address key issues including road and transport-related safety, slips and trips, hygiene, PPE use etc. They would comprise bulleted lists of key points supported by pictograms,  and crucially they would be made available in a number of languages. Their purpose is not to be the ‘be-all and end-all’ of staff induction and safety training, but to support and reinforce that training in the hope of improving industry-wide safety.

With the other members of the CIWM H&S SIG, I will do all I can to put this idea into place and find support for production of a comprehensive range of leaflets. They can hopefully be made available at low cost to supervisors and H&S staff across the waste industries, either as printed leaflets or as downloadable files.

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