Using the Tag Cloud

One regular visitor has asked me about the funny jumble of words that is sometimes seen in the left hand panel when you have clicked on the title of an individual post.
Though there are vastly better information guides about web page construction and the many features that can be found in web sites created using WordPress and other software packages, a few simple hint may suffice.
This Tag Cloud is a list of key words attributed to every Clinical Waste Discussion Forum post. The larger and more bold the word appears, the more posts there are that have that keyword attached to them. Each word or phrase in the Tag Cloud is a link to access every one of the matching Forum posts.
 Click in the Tag Cloud on the keyword of your choice and go straight to a listing of just those posts that match your selection. You can then scroll through the matching posts.
Tag Clouds of keywords do not exist for the huge number of earlier posts that can be found in the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum archives.
The site search system will also identify matching pages but is less specific but should find matching keywords or pharses anywhere within the body text of each page - again excluding the archive pages. For some, this may be useful search option that will search through all web site content. However, if you are searching only through the Forum posts, try the Tag cloud.