Splash and Splatter

HBlood_Spatterealthcare Workers Still Vulnerable to ‘Splash and Splatter’

In an informative piece in the Conference News section of Medscape, Caroline Helwick reports on a presentation by Amber Mitchell from Vestagen Technical Textiles, in Orlando, Florida, on the hazards and infection risk of splashes and splutter to healthcare workers.

Blood splash exposures to the mouth and eyes of waste handlers, and thus to healthcare housekeeping and ancillary handling healthcare wastes, is a far greater problem than is generally recognised.

At the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum we make no apology for banging on about this. We have been trying for more than 8 years now to raise awareness of this potent infection transmission route. We will not change from that position in the years to come.

Handling clinical/healthcare/offensive/sanitary wastes, call them what you will, requires care at all times, to prevent exposure by sharps injury, contamination of pre-existing cuts, grazes and eczematous lesions, and via the mouth or eyes. In these latter cases, contamination may be direct, or indirect with contamination occurring from contaminated soiled, PPE or unwashed (inadequately washed) hands.

The health, safety and welfare of support staff is of prime importance, and hopefully Amber Mitchell’s work will help get the ball rolling, to raise awareness of the need for higher standards of occupational safety and hygiene that goes far beyond provision of a pair of gloves.




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