hand hygiene

Alcohol hand sanitizer is now ubiquitous. It is used right across the healthcare arena, and in the waste sector though its efficacy on dirty hands is severely limited. Since its […]

Healthcare Workers Still Vulnerable to ‘Splash and Splatter’ In an informative piece in the Conference News section of Medscape, Caroline Helwick reports on a presentation by Amber Mitchell from Vestagen […]

Those in the commercial sector who provide clinical waste and related waste management services, and those in the healthcare sector responsible for ancillary and support staff, whether directly employed or as […]

Antimicrobial soaps

We all use antimicrobial soaps. They are ubiquitous in every hospital, clinic and care home, and across the waste industries though in this latter sector getting workers to wash their […]

News today of a Manchester fireman has been handed a £5,000 payout after injuring himself putting on gloves at work! Bosses at Greater Manchester Fire Service (GMFS) accepted the glove […]

There have been several reports recently, from at least 4 different countries including the UK, of teenagers and others sneaking into hospitals and other places where alcohol hand rub dispensers […]

Essential hand care

Hand care – quite distinct from the equally important hand hygiene – is an essential requirement for healthcare professionals and for waste handlers alike. Good standards of glove use and […]

Correct glove use and associated hand hygiene are undoubtedly primary health and safety issues for all of those working right across the waste industries, and for those handling clinical and […]

Blenkharn Environmental and the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum have long recognised the importance of hand hygiene for waste handlers, and the current deficiencies in hand hygiene performance. Last updated: Friday, […]

Visiting a hospital kitchen recently, one of the few that actually cooked food rather than reheat meals bought from elsewhere it was somewhat reassuring to see hand rub dispensers were everywhere and […]

Hand rub dose

Alcohol hand rubs are widely used in healthcare and are finding their way into the catering and waste management sectors also. They are fast, convenient, simple to use and more […]