waste sacks

The Longostand® waste system from Nisus Medical Ltd uses Longopac® ‘ endless bag’ technology, available in mini and maxi sizes, and offers high-strength and low-material consumption.  Longopac® is available in several […]

Ecosteryl are offering self-seal clinical waste sacks. A nice idea, since cable ties or knotting of the gathered neck provide invariable less than perfect seals. Perhaps these will be better? […]

Reusable sharps containers

We are becoming accustomed to re-usable sharps containers, not least because of the bullish advertising of their sole manufacturer. But now, there might be a new kid on the block. […]

New guidelines are hot off the press regarding the management of Norovirus infection in acute and community health and social care settings. Those guidelines, prepared after collaboration between the British […]

What's in that sack?

In a short news report from Gulfport, South Mississippi, several biohazard bags placed into a roadside skip (dumpster) sparked a response from the local Fire & Rescue service. Last updated: […]

Clinical waste sack for railway litter collection

Some people will remember the appearance of yellow clinical waste sacks in litter bins on railway stations across central and eastern Scotland some years ago. Purchased by “mistake” – no […]